Dodgers fans greet Astros with ire and trash cans

Los Angeles Dodgers fans are unable to attend this weekend’s games against the Houston Astros so instead they greeted the opponent’s bus at the Vin Scully Ave. entrance to Dodger Stadium on Saturday.Dozens of Dodgers fans held signs and banged trash cans as the Astros’ bus arrived in advance of Saturday night’s game. Their ire was stoked by the 2017 cheating scandal when the Astros were caught stealing pitchers’ signs electronically and relaying the information to hitters by banging on trash cans in the tunnel leading to the clubhouse.The Astros won their division and advanced to the World Series in 2017, where they defeated the Dodgers in seven games.Signs read: “Once a cheater always a * cheater,” “Go home Astros,” “This will follow you forever” and “Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats,” with an image of the Astros’ Carlos Correa in a trash can.Dodgers manager Dave Roberts saluted the fans in his daily Zoom press conference Saturday and said he “loved” their passion.