Nederland – Bulldogs


Bulldog Fight Song
Nederland will be State Champions, just wait and see. 
We’ve got the winning spirit it takes to be. 
We’ll make those Indians wish they never had been. 
We’ll do some howlin’ when we win, by golly. 
Our boys have proved themselves from games of the past. 
Foes will not haunt us big or fast! 
So ready, State Championship, ’cause we’re on our way! 
We’ll stop at nothing ’til we’re sitting on the throne, 
putting on the crown, 4A District victory bound! 
D-O-G-G-I-E-S! Come on, Doggies, do your best!

NHS School Song
Fight, fight for Nederland
Fight for the old Gold and Black
Hail, hail to Nederland, our friendship may she never lack.
Ever faithful, ever true, as we sing our song of you.
Black and Gold, we’re all true blue, all hail to Nederland.